Rob (shinzakura) wrote in ausa,

Otaku Swap Festa Paradise!

Yes, it's back! The Otaku Swap Festa Paradise is coming back to Anime USA for another year! Time to clean out those closets and shelves!

What is the Otaku Swap Festa Paradise, you ask? Well....

Anyone who has been a fan for a while will tend to accumulate stuff they no longer use, or impulse purchases they came to regret. Whether it's manga that hasn't been read in years, a plushie you no longer want, or a model kit that you finally admit you're not going to build, make your con budget go a little farther by participating in the swap meet! The Swap Meet is meant to give our attendees an opportunity to trade their used merchandise for something better without the hassle of online auctions or shipping. Anything is welcome - anime DVDs, VHS tapes, manga, books, magazines, CDs, toys, posters, electronics, video games - anything. Please note that the Otaku Swap Festa is TRADE ONLY - there will be NO cash sales or exchange of money allowed.

So here's your chance to get rid of that item you no longer want, and get a new treasure in the process!
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