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My First Con

My new years resolution for the past 5 years was to go to a con, so I am finally making it to AUSA this year. 
I don't quite know what to expect except what my friends have told me (very little) and I'd like a little insight if that's alright.
(also, comm info doesn't say this type of post isn't allowed, but it does link to ausa forums for "other"... that's confusing. I hope this is ok)
As a twenty something first-time con-goer, do you have any tips? Thanks.
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Only pick one or two events each day from the schedule that you really want to go to; don't try and make a whole day of events one right after the other that'll have you rushing back and forth. That way you don't get run ragged and get mad over missing things. Between times, just walk around a little bit and see what people are doing, there's always something fun going on and sometimes you can meet new friends just by conglomerating around whatever's immediately happening. Enjoy the cosplayers, take photos all you want (many will happily pose for you) and do at least schedule one trip to the Dealer's Room to buy stuff or else you'll be disappointed. Make sure you flip through the schedule of stuff being shown in the anime room too, sometimes it makes a nice place to take a break after a long walk through the con and having your arms full of stuff. Or just to kill a little time, and watch something you haven't watched before. Most of all come to have fun, to learn more about anime and Japan, and to see things you normally wouldn't get the chance to...and to meet people and make friends you normally wouldn't get the chance to.

And come play Iron Shounen too.